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BAI-ID of Player (As on Mar 16, 2019)

By Initials
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19827Iba KoyuANP01/Aug/1970MActive*
5065Ibohal A.MNP01/Mar/1951MActive*
31291Ibomcha Singh MutumMP11/Feb/1978MActive*
14291Ibopishak Singh OinamMNP01/Feb/1965MActive*
33398Idalma PiresGOA04/Oct/1963FActive*
23563Ijaz Parvez IsmailTN29/May/1965MActive*
20000Immanuel RajaiahTN05/Sep/1962MActive*
23365Imosanen ,NAG01/Apr/1971MActive*
9297Imtiaz AhmadUTR30/Jan/1948MActive*
14302Inakhunbi Devi KadamMNP01/Mar/1977FActive*
6836Inaocha LaishangthemMNP19/Nov/1966MActive*
4649Inaocha Singh H.MNP01/Mar/1968MActive*
20331Inder Kumar ,RAJ10/Jul/1976MActive*
33406Inder Mohan SinghPNB12/Mar/1961MActive*
21916Indermohan Singh BhasinRAJ02/Aug/1978MActive*
9029Indra Singh RawatMAH10/Oct/1961MActive*
17041Indrajit Singh JadejaGUJ29/Aug/1973MActive*
20163Indrojit MandalWB10/Jun/1979MActive*
25779Indu RanaSKM23/Feb/1975FActive*
9192Indu Bhushan ChoudhrayJ&K07/Nov/1963MActive*
33225Induchoodan V.TN19/Jun/1966MActive*
7086Indudhar BauraiUTR04/Sep/1959MActive*
21575Iqbal Hussain ,JAR06/Jan/1964MActive*
11509Iqbal Hussain MinaiUP10/Jul/1946MActive*
33405Iqbal Singh CheemaPNB07/Jun/1950MActive*
11181Iqbalhisen KadriGUJ13/Sep/1969MActive*
21544Iqbaluddin ,GUJ20/Jun/1956MActive*
19829Ira ,UP23/Feb/1978FActive*
33392Irshad AghaGOA10/Nov/1966MActive*
5367Irudayaraj P. TN05/May/1970MActive*
112Irudhayaraj Y. PY21/Mar/1979MInActive%
33935Ishan SharmaUP24/Sep/1978MActive*
5060Ishorchandra P.MNP01/Jun/1946MActive*
14355Ishwar KatariaHP08/May/1976MActive*
18519Ismail MohammedKTK22/Feb/1979MActive*
24805Ivan PintoKTK20/Jul/1966MActive*

Birth Date Verification Remarks symbols meaning:
% - As per the Bio-data sheets signed by the player.
$ - Variation as per BAI records.
# - As per BAI register.
* - As per Birth Certificate in appropriate format verified.
@ - As per School Nationals Records.
& - As per Birth Certificate but not in prescribed format.

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